Bids and Offers

Whether you are buying or selling a home, consider the sale as a transaction beneficial to both parties. Very often buyers and sellers become emotional, in some cases a party may feel slighted or even offended if neither party makes responsible and realistic offers.

Price goes a long way in determining how quickly a home will sell. An agent representing a buyer who is interested in a home must present an offer to your agent regardless of the amount offered. Take all offers seriously, and don't get offended if it is below the price you are asking. You may always counter back or reject an offer. If you have multiple offers you do not have to accept the higher offer. Some terms in another offer may be more important.

Sellers wish to avoid the threat of litigation following the closing. The best way to accomplish this is to complete the Seller Disclosure Notice accurately and thoroughly by providing full answers to the questions asked. A frequent claim by buyers in post-closing litigation is that the seller either failed to disclose material information or was misleading in describing some condition of the property.

As a seller, use the following guidelines:

  • Let your Realtor do all negotiating.
  • Look at all offers seriously.
  • Don't get emotional over offers.
  • Be open-minded to all buyers of homes.

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